Super important tips to writing online blogs and articles!

Write what you love!

The topic. Topic is center of everything. So why not choose one which is right at the center of your mind? The one about which you know more, than what people know in general. It’s a good idea to begin writing online, about thing, which you know already a lot about.  This could make the whole process easy. It’s a thing, about which you would have done a lot of thinking already in your mind. So, some processed thoughts and insights could be readily available to you while writing about it. If there are some processed thought, it is easy to concentrate on structure and flow of the article being written, and need not worry that much, about what is being written. Plus the added advantage is, you are pretty much sure that what you are writing is correct and accurate as you have good authority over the subject.

Focus on Subject!

When writing online blog or article, give attention to things which are in your mind, about the topic which you are writing. Do not think about the reactions which could come from people once your content goes online on your blog or page. After all, there is no other way to write effectively then concentrating on subject matter.  If, the constant focus is maintained towards the subject matter, then some undiscovered aspects of it could come to fore while writing. These are important for your blog or article. Simply, because these are the aspects everybody won’t be aware of, as those might not be that obvious. These insights are great value additions to your writing. They enrich readers in terms of knowledge.

Try to write like a poem!

Writing needs a flow to be maintained, and we all know it. But do we give it the utmost importance? Many times, the answer could be no. It’s important  to realize what flow does, before starting to write and while actually writing your blog or article. Flow, is sequencing of topics of subject matter. And a good flow could be said to have maintained, when reader‘s mind is seamlessly transitioned from one topic to other. Most of the readers would quit reading, when, one of the topics or paragraph ends, as flow gets broken there, more often than anywhere else. Once the flow is broken, other thoughts could take center stage in reader’s mind. As that happens, one could easily drift away from reading.

Do not worry about negativity!

When a beginner, don’t think too much about the reactions you would get for your online post. Don’t think about whether people will like it or not. Don’t think about quality too much, either. Instead, just make sure intention and efforts are always there to achieve quality. Now, you could be thinking how come I should not think about negative reactions? Well, we have to tell ourselves, that internet is one thing that’s accessible to all sorts of people, and not everybody is going to have same liking as of you. While you could get some dislikes, it is possible that many love what is being written. The human tendency is to criticize quickly, but when it comes to appreciation, we are not that prompt; are we?


Be alright with criticism!

Be ready to accept criticism. But, why should I be ready to do it, right? Well think about what criticism exactly is. When somebody does not agree with what is being written, then that person expresses its point of view. And, it’s perfectly alright to listen to what others think about the topic, isn’t it? Remember there is a difference between criticism and abuse. And, more often than not, criticism is a good think to have. Those who are criticizing are broadening your perspective and enriching your understanding of subject matter of your blog or article. And when you are doing an activity in public, like posting a blog, you are getting into public domain, and its alright if you are criticized when in public domain. Its not a disrepute, in your private, close circle of people. So, I will be happy if you express yourself in comments section below, even if it’s criticism.


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